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years locked in my drawer


I was extremely thrilled to discover the classics-related communities that exist around LJ, and decided to join the ones I could get my hands on. ;)

So. Hi. My name's Kimberly. I'm what my friends and everyone else calls an obsessed Latin student who has taken Latin I, II, III, and I've just completed the AP Latin Literature course. Next year, I'm hitting AP Latin: Vergil. And I just can't wait.

So far, my favorite classical piece of literature that I've translated has been Ovid's Metamorphoses, although I'm very much looking forward to translating Vergil's Aeneid next year.

I enjoy any opportunity to improve my conversational skills in Latin, and for anyone with a similar interest, please don't hesitate to contact me, whether by email, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, etc. I'm always open to a colloquium with other Latin students and scholars. :)

(This message has been cross-posted to several other classics/Latin-related communities, so you may see it more than once. ;)
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